Regaining Control:  Dealing With Obsessive Thoughts, Triggers and Memories of the Affair

Most people have a really hard time after infidelity when it comes to obsessing about the affair details. You’re thinking about what the cheaters said, what they did, where they went – and you just keep rehashing these destructive thoughts over and over in your mind.

These thoughts are excruciatingly painful, stressful and cause anxiety, depression and all sorts of things. It’s not a pleasant place to be.

You wind up questioning everything about yourself, your relationship and your future. These thoughts take over every waking minute of the day and perhaps even your dreams.

The problem is that those awful thoughts enter into our consciousness whether we want them to or not and typically take us by surprise. They seem impossible to control. They just won’t go away!

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Regaining Control:  Dealing With Obsessive Thoughts, Triggers and Memories of the Affair is all about how to deal with and manage those awful thoughts, the untimely triggers and the memories of your partner’s affair that are wreaking havoc with your emotional state.

“The constant mind-movies of my wife's affair were driving me nuts.  I was desperate and to the point of exhaustion.  You're program helped me immensely."

- Scott

It's a Rollercoaster

The journey to healing from the pain of an affair is like a rollercoaster ride. At times you will move along quite far, suddenly to be triggered by something, and
right back in the pain as if it had just happened. Do not be discouraged. It doesn’t mean you aren’t healing. It means you are normal.

There is no forgetting the affair

You will always remember the affair, and you will always remember the pain that went with it. The goal is not to forget. The goal is to process and heal so that when you do remember, you no longer feel the pain. You no longer relive the pain with the memory.